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                 The purpose of this article is to offer considerations on a hitherto little considered aspect among what might be the effects of Disclosure, understood as the official confirmation that the manifestations of the UFO/UAP phenomenon are due to the presence on the planet of beings not belonging to the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens.


                 In a span of a few years, the gradual process of destigmatization and parallel dissolution of secrecy about the UFO/UAP phenomenon that began in the U.S. in December 2017, normally referred to as Disclosure, has produced several consequences.

One among the most important is that the U.S. Congress, in a significant as well as uncommon bi-partisan action, has for the past three years or so put in place a decisive action aimed at shedding light on the UFO/UAP phenomenon in general and more specifically on the possible implications of U.S. government organs in recovery operations and research into their technology.
Among the various results that have originated from this action there are two that have specific relevance to the context of this article.

One is the creation of a high-level office in charge of UFO/UAP investigations in the military/intelligence sphere with jurisdiction extended to the entire government domain, called All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO.

The second is the introduction in the National Defense Activities Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023 (NDAA 23) of a set of regulations that allow any government employee or contractor who is in possession of of information about UFO/UAP-related projects or activities of any kind to report them to the AARO without fear of retaliation for breach of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Sen. K. Gillibrand         Sen. M. Rubio

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Marco Rubio, two of the most active proponents of pro-disclosure action in the U.S. Congress (from and

This whistleblowers' protection norm has already produced concrete and relevant effects. David C. Grusch, a former U.S. Air Force veteran and former senior officer in a couple of intelligence agencies (NGA and NRO), in early June has publicly  declared that organs of the U.S. government are in possession of recovered/captured non-terrestrial vehicles and even the bodies of their occupants, that there are operations to recover crashed or abandoned UFO/UAPs, and that there has been for many decades an elaborate retroengineering program on such devices, and that such activities are intentionally kept from Congress.

David C. Grusch

David C. Grusch, the whistleblower who in early June 2023 revealed potentially explosive information about UFO recovery and retroengineering projects by U.S. government organs (from

Grusch's motives in doing so belong to the category of what in Italy we would call 'conscientious objectors,' i.e., those who refuse to submit to a rule of the legal system deemed unjust because it conflicts irreconcilably with another fundamental law of human life, as perceived by their own conscience, which prohibits them from engaging in the prescribed behavior.

I do not intend to go into the question of the reliability of Grusch's statements here because, in addition to being outside the context of this article, it would require an article of its own. Suffice it to say, however, that his service credentials are respectable and verifiable. The fact that his claims are currently lacking circumstantial evidence is due to the high classification of the activities to which they refer.

As relevant as his statements are, it is important to note that Grusch is not the only whistleblower who has come forward under the whistleblower protection provisions of NDAA 23. There are reports of many other people who have come forward, testifying behind closed doors before the House and Senate Armed Services/Intelligence Committees and, importantly, reporting information that corroborates and is consistent with that provided by Grusch.

Therefore, although such information is not and cannot be substantiated at this time, it makes more plausible than ever all that ufologists knew from the myriad of rumors that have been circulating for many decades:
  • That UFO/UAPs are real objects of technological origin,
  • That their origin is due to the presence on Earth of one (or more) species of highly-developed intelligent biological beings not belonging to our species (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) who would have a wide range of extremely advanced technology vehicles.
  • That these vehicles from time to time crash, are abandoned or even captured.
  • That organs of the U.S. government have set up sophisticated and highly secret programs for the recovery/capture of such devices and their reverse engineering for the purpose of military supremacy.
  • That extreme secrecy, coupled with very strong compartmentalization, actually hindered retroengineering operations, causing successes to be very small in proportion to the resources deployed, even preventing some of the discoveries made from being made public.
  • That extensive disinformation programs aimed at keeping the domestic public as well as foreign intelligence services as much in the dark as possible about such projects have been implemented and are still in place.
  • That such projects have long been intentionally removed from the legitimate control of the relevant chains of command and oversight of elected constitutional bodies, mainly the U.S. Congress.
  • That such a situation is not exclusive to the U.S. but exists in a more or less similar way in other countries.


                 Although only guesses can be made at the moment, it seems likely that the process that began in late 2017 will lead to the confirmation that planet Earth does indeed harbor one or more allogenic (I prefer this term to "aliens") species of intelligent and highly advanced beings to whose vehicles the manifestations of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, those originally called flying saucers, then UFOs and lately UAPs, would be due.

It goes without saying, of course, that such an event will inevitably have consequences of a magnitude that to call colossal is still reductive, involving virtually all aspects of the social organization of Earth's humanity.

But focusing on this momentous event is not the purpose of this article. What I intend to address here is the fact that as Disclosure proceeds, it is likely that ongoing secret allogenic vehicle studies will sooner or later be declassified and, once out in the open, pursued openly by the structures of the scientific community.

Until now, in fact, research has been conducted on a national basis under conditions of extreme secrecy and compartmentalization. If research could be conducted openly, carried out by the structures of the international scientific world, research would be much more effective and progress could be much faster.

Based on the known aspects of UFO/UAP performances, it seems logical to assume that the areas of power generation and propulsion (transportation) would be where developments of greatest utility could be obtained from an open scientific study of such vehicles. Such studies could make it possible to develop systems that would produce clean energy in large quantities, as well as propulsion systems that are extremely efficient in terms of speed, safety, and range.

These are all effects that certainly cannot be viewed in negative terms.


                 With this article I want to draw attention to an important fact that until now I have not seen mentioned anywhere.

I have seen only positive comments that the open study of recovered allogenic vehicle technology could lead to important scientific discoveries that would bring great benefits to all of Earth's humanity.

I fully agree with this statement but, let's be clear, we need to consider the issue in all its aspects.

Given the belligerent attitude of Earth's humanity, these possibilities in the field of power generation and propulsion would for sure appear as the holy grail of military supremacy for the military organs of any power in this world.

In fact, it is not difficult to see how, if the ability to produce large amounts of energy were to become available, this capacity could allow not only for the production of large amounts of clean energy that would benefit environmental sustainability and the most disadvantaged countries, but also for new weapons of mass destruction that are extremely dangerous in that they are even more powerful and probably even more miniaturized than the nuclear weapons that humankind on earth has today.

Missile nucleare Titan II

A Titan II nuclear missile in its silo. (from

Similarly, advances in the field of propulsion could lead to the creation of vehicles capable of revolutionizing the world of transportation in an extremely positive way, extending its range to levels hardly imaginable now, making it much faster, probably reliable, and environmentally friendly. But at the same time they could enable the realization of vectors capable of delivering their 'payloads,' read the aforementioned devices of mass destruction, in a very short time over the entire surface of the Earth or in outer space, if not the entire solar system, making the current hypersonic missiles -already dangerous in themselves- sluggish as turtles.

Prototipo di missile ipersonico statunitense Boeing X-51 Waverider

A U.S. Boeing X-51 Waverider hypersonic missile prototype. (source: US Air Force)

It does not seem far-fetched to foreshadow a militarization of space that could potentially extend beyond the entire solar system.

In view of the importance of this issue, therefore, I would like to say it again in no uncertain terms:

If it is ever confirmed that UFOs/UAPs are indeed allogenic vehicles of very high technology and it is possible to study them openly, extreme care will have to be taken in the use that will be made of the possible revolutionary discoveries that could result from them, as, while they could bring great benefits to mankind, they could lead to its total destruction.

I am aware that I may appear to be a prophet of doom, but the possible repercussions of these possibilities urge me to face this risk without any problems, all the more so because so far I have not heard this alarm bells ringing anywhere.

Then again, we can't keep running gleefully toward the ravine like Lemmings.

So what to do?

                 The first thing to do is to start thinking about it, and to start now, even if it still seems hypothetical and remotely distant. Then, the only reasonably realistic solution is in my view to implement effective organs and methods operating at the international level to prevent if not exactly the production, at least the uncontrolled proliferation of such armaments, as has been proposed for hypersonic missiles in this study by the Rand Corporation .

We have never been so close to the apocalypse.


Prototipo di missile ipersonico statunitense Boeing X-51 Waverider

The Atomic Apocalypse Clock from the Bulletin of the U.S. Atomic Scientists (from

                 The atomic apocalypse clock of the U.S. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is already now far too close to midnight. The last thing humanity on this planet needs is something to advance the hands to the moment of no return.

Appeal to decision makers

I conclude this article with an appeal to policy makers and all people of good conscience:

Earth's humanity already has far too many means of mass destruction, there is no need for more.

The more weapons of mass destruction that exist, the more likely they are to be used sooner or later.

Doctrines of military supremacy make no sense in a mutual assured destruction perspective.

Work to ensure that any technological advances resulting from the study of allogenic vehicles are put to the service of the good of this planet's humanity and not to produce armaments that increase the already high risk of humanity's annihilation.

If there really are 'others' on Earth, we would all do better to work for the common good of our species instead of waging war with each other.