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The Guaita tower in San Marino city, the NYC UN building and a UFO appear together with the flag of San Marino and the logos of ICER and CUN in Project Titan’s logo. (from author’s documents)


In a precedent blog article I had announced a change of strategy concerning the way ICER and CUN intend to propose Project Titan to the authorities of San Marino.
The new strategy adopted is based on the Istanza d'Arengo, an ancient institution of direct democracy in the San Marino legal system.
L'adozione di questa nuova strategia è stata decisa dopo aver verificato che l'iniziativa aveva suscitato interesse fra i sammarinesi e vi era un certo numero di cittadini disposti a firmare l'Istanza d'Arengo.

The law regulating the institution of the Istanza d'Arengo
The law no. 72 of May 24, 1995 regulating the institution of the Istanza d'Arengo (from

How the Istanza d'Arengo works

According to the legal regulations governing this institution of the Istanza d'Arengo, any citizen - or group of citizens - of San Marino can submit an Istanza. The Istanza must have a character of public utility and must be submitted exclusively on the two scheduled dates for each year (April and October).
The Istanza must be addressed to the Captains Regent, the two heads of state of San Marino. Their role is to verify that the basic requirement of public benefit is met.
If the verification is successful, the Heads of State formally forward the Istanza to the Great and General Council, the Parliament of San Marino. The Council examines the proposed contained in the Istanza d'Arengo and, in the words of the regulamenting law "At the end of the debate, the Great and General Council expresses its opinion by vote, on the granting of the requests contained in the Istanza d'Arengo petitions. ... The approval of an Istanza d'Arengo entails, for the Congress of State, a commitment to work in corresponding manner in order to carry out the will expressed in this regard by the Great and General Council."
In other words, if Parliament approves the request contained in the Istanza, it issues a decree committing the government to act in order to implement what is requested in the Petition. In our case, that would mean that the Government would be committed to accept the participation of San Marino in Project Titan.
In this way, if San Marino were to participate in Project Titan, its participation would occur on the basis of popular demand and as a result of the stated will of the people's elected representatives.

The present situation

The Istanza di Arengo requesting that the Republic of San Marino agree to participate in Project Titan is ready and will be submitted, as required by law, on October 2 by San Marino citizens who collaborates with the ICER and CUN.

The text of the Istanza d'Arengo
The pages that make up the Istanza d'Arengo (from author’s documents)

Once the Istanza di Arengo is submitted on October 2, San Marino is really one step away from submitting a historic request to the UN, a request that could bring after 45 years the subject of UFOs/UAPs to the attention of the United Nations.
Please note: for the sake of fairness, it should be said that is two steps away, because as we saw earlier the decision-making steps are two (first the Heads of State first and then the Parliament). I think it is reasonably a foregone conclusion that the Captains Regent's examination will be successful, though.

Why the International Public Petition Campaign?

As we have seen, the Istanza d'Arengo requesting that San Marino join Project Titan is of a domestic nature, being a popular petition in which citizens of San Marino ask Parliament that their country agree to participate in Project Titan. The scope of the Project extends far beyond the Republic of San Marino, affecting virtually the entire world, though. I wish to remind readers here that the purpose of Project Titan is to have a UN office to organize a World Conference on the state of studies on the UFO/UAP phenomenon, a conference that would serve as a hub for an international and open study effort on the phenomenon. It is therefore important that through these messages San Marino's policymakers receive a tangible manifestation of the Project's broad scope and of the interest (thus implicitly of the importance) that the initiative of Project Titan has already attracted, and continues to attract, worldwide.

How does the International Public Petition campaign work?

The IPP is based on a web platform I have developed that allows people to send a pre-packaged message in which the petitioner expresses his/her wish that San Marino agree to participate in Project Titan. Interested persons can thus easily access the IPP platform, click on the appropriate link and just add their name, surname and location to the pre-packaged message that opens, and send it. The message comes pre-filled with the email address of the Institutional Secretariat, the office that coordinates the activities of constitutional bodies of San Marino, with in cc the address of the organizers. The platform is available in Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Whatever the language version, the text of the pre-packaged message is in Italian.
The IPP platform is available from Sept. 1 2022 until end of the month at this address: or just clicking on its image below.

IPP home page
The IPP platform home page (from author’s documents)


Having come to the conclusion of this article, I am once more pleased to conclude it in the same way as the previous ones:

The enchanting, neutral setting of the city of San Marino and its Mount Titan, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, could truly become the new "Geneva of UFOs"

Veduta di Torra Guaita
A view of the Guaita Tower in San Marino City, one of the symbols of San Marino (Foto di Matteo Panara su Unsplash)


**** A big THANK YOU for your support of Project Titan from its two driving forces! ****

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