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The Guaita Tower, the UN building, a UFO and the logos of the Republic of San Marino, ICER and CUN all together in the Titan Project logo - Author's document


[Author's elaboration]

Alea Iacta Est! (The die is cast). These were the fateful words pronounced by Julius Caesar in 49 B.C. at the decisive moment of crossing the Rubicon creek in arms, which then marked the border of Roman territory, thus beginning the Second Civil War.
Caesar's phrase, which marked a historical juncture of great importance in the history of ancient Rome, has become today a way of emphasizing an important decision, a decisive event.

Statue of Julius Caesar at the Rubicon
The statue of Julius Caesar said to stand on the spot where the leader uttered the famous phrase before crossing the Rubicon in arms - from

Now, readers will probably wonder what could possibly be the important juncture in history that warranted the use of this phrase to give the article its title. I hope readers will not hold it against me for this small sin of presumption, but the reason is related to Project Titan.
In referring readers unfamiliar with the Project to my previous articles on this blog, starting from this, I will say that the important pivotal moment for the Project is the recent decision of the Captains Regent to admit for consideration by the Great and General Council (the San Marino Parliament) the Instanza d'Arengo requesting that San Marino participate in the Titano Project.

But before continuing I would like to mention an interesting detail: the fateful sentence of Caesar was uttered in a place that is only a dozen kilometers from San Marino. Moving with his army toward Rome over two thousand years ago, surely Caesar could not have failed to catch sight of the imposing mass of Mount Titan, on which the Republic of San Marino stands today.

Map of the region
The short distance between the place where Caesar is said to have uttered the famous sentence and Mount Titan, on which San Marino stands today - from Google Earth

The importance for the Project

Returning to the Titan Project, it may well be said that the decision of the Captains Regent represents an important junction for the history of the Project, because at this point only one step is missing for San Marino to participate in the action plan envisaged by the Project: the examination and vote of the Parliament.

Notification of the Regential decision
LThe note with which the Office of the Institutional Secretariat of San Marino informed the first signatory of the petition, Mr. Maurizio Pinotti (Roberto's brother), that the Captains Regent declared the conformity of the Petition and therefore its admissibility for consideration by the Great and General Council (Parliament) - kindly provided by the interested party

How it came to this point

I had reported in detail with my article of July 30, 2022 on the reasons that - always working on behalf of ICER and CUN - prompted me to use the instrument of the Istanza d'Arengo to propose to San Marino the participation in the Titano Project, and to that I refer anyone who would like to read up on the matter.
But before I continue, I would like to express my thanks and deep gratitude for the valuable guidance kindly provided to me by Mr. Augusto Casali, a long-time San Marino politician and a fine connoisseur of the local reality, in the preparation of the text of the Instanza.
Having thus finalized during September the text of the Istanza and its annexes, towards the end of the month I went to San Marino, where the collection of signatures began.

The first three signatures collected for the Istanza d'Arengo
San Marino, September 22, 2022 - The first three signatures collected for the Istanza and the title page thereof. The first signer is Mr. Maurizio Pinotti, Roberto's brother. In the photo, from left, Mr. Augusto Casali, the undersigned and Roberto Pinotti - photo by the author

The occasion was also favorable for a series of interviews with local San Marino media to further spread awareness of the Titan Project among the San Marino citizenry and illustrate its relevance to the Republic.

Interviews to Guizzardi and Pinotti
The undersigned and Roberto Pinotti interviewed by Rtv San Marino in the shade of the Government Palace - from

The signature collection campaign then continued in the following days. At 12 noon on October 2, 2022, as prescribed by the law regulating this ancient institution of direct democracy, the Istanza was presented at the Palazzo Pubblico (the seat of the San Marino government) by Mr. Maurizio Pinotti, the first signatory of the document, in the company of Mr. Augusto Casali, both citizens of San Marino.

Maurizio Pinotti and Augusto Casali in front of the Palazzo Pubblico
Oct. 2, 2022 - A selfie of Maurizio Pinotti (left) and Augusto Casali in front of the Government Palace in San Marino shortly before making their entrance for the presentation of the Istanza d'Arengo - image kindly provided by Roberto Pinotti

The Istanza d'Arengo had a total of 10 signatories, which, making a proportion with the population of Europe, is equivalent to about one hundred thousand signatures. However, I remind readers that the number of signatures is not a relevant factor, since according to the law regulating the Istanza d'Arengo institution, petitions can be submitted even by a single person, as long as he or she is a San Marino citizen.

What was submitted

The Istanza d'Arengo submitted to request San Marino's participation in the Titan Project is a complex document consisting of:
  • The Istanza
  • Project Titan Presentation for San Marino authorities
  • Project Titan Text
  • Project Titan Memorandum of Understanding for the participation in the Project
  • The text of the resolution to be submitted to the United Nations
  • The text of the Concept Paper
  • The text of UN Decision 33/426 of 1978
This is a complete package that, in addition to the Istanza proper, contains as attachments the three documents that make up Project Titan (Presentation, Text and Memorandum of Understanding), the two fundamental documents for action at the UN (the text of the Resolution proposing the creation of a new office in charge of the organization of the World Conference on the study of the UFO/UAP phenomenon to be held in San Marino, and the Concept Paper, intended for the representatives of the UN member countries who will have to vote on the proposal to explain to them the reasons and grounds for the initiative). Finally, the text of Decision 33/426, which was the most important product of the Grenada initiative in 1978, as a useful historical reference.

This provided San Marino with everything it needed to implement the Project.

Captains Regent Berti and Ciavatta
Maria Luisa Berti and Manuel Ciavatta, the Captains Regent (Heads of State) who took office on Oct. 1, 2022, who gave the go-ahead for the consideration of the Instanza d'Arengo by the Great and General Council (Parliament) - from

What happens next

At this point, only one step is missing for San Marino's participation in Project Titan Action Plan to become a reality: the consideration and vote of Parliament. Note that this step is not optional, as the law stipulates that Istanza d'Arengo, once given the green light by the Captains Regent, must be discussed by Parliament.
The San Marino Parliament is then required to examine and debate the Istanza within the regency semester, that is, by March 2023. At the end of the debate it will express its will through a vote.
If the vote is affirmative, Parliament will issue a decree binding the government to carry out what was requested in the Istanza d'Arengo, that is, that San Marino participate in the Titan Project and implement what it provides for.
In that case, San Marino will bring the discourse on the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, or rather unidentified aerospace-underwater phenomena, back to the attention of the United Nations after 45 years.
In case of a negative vote, of course, the proposal would lapse and could be resubmitted after three regency semesters.

What could happen next

If San Marino joins the Titan Project, its Permanent Diplomatic Representative to the UN will submit a proposal to the UN for the creation of an office responsible for the organization of a World Conference on the study and research of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, to be held periodically in San Marino by the Republic.
This proposal will be delivered to the Office of the UN Secretary-General, then assigned to a particular committee for its consideration, and finally submitted to the General Assembly for a vote.
Therefore, it should be kept in mind that the proposal might not be approved by the General Assembly or even undergo unpredictable changes, as happened with the Grenada proposal of 1978.
It is important to emphasize the fact that, even in the event that the San Marino proposal should not be accepted by the UN, an important result would still have been achieved: bringing the attention of the United Nations back to the issue of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, establishing a fundamental precedent that can serve as a useful basis for the development of further initiatives in this regard.
Should San Marino's proposal be accepted by the UN General Assembly, the organization would proceed to create the new office, which would prepare the UN World Conference on the study and research of the UFO/UAP phenomenon. By doing so, San Marino would champion an initiative with great potential for all humanity and would benefit from a great notoriety in the world, which would produce positive repercussions on tourist flows and see its historical neutrality enhanced and its international prestige raised.
Moreover, in these times of international turmoil where opposition and division seem to be the rule, this initiative would have the added merit of bringing a most welcome opportunity for international cooperation, an occasion for bringing the countries of the world closer together and uniting them in the name of scientific research.

The International Public Petition (IPP)

In moving toward the conclusion of this article, I cannot fail to mention PPI. This informal action, which took place on September 2022 with the aim of raising awareness among San Marino authorities of the interest that the Titan Project has already aroused globally, saw the dispatch of just over 500 messages from 45 countries around the world. This is a result that I consider satisfactory, given that the initiative was conducted without the support of the major media.


IPP Statistics
Statistical data on the messages that were sent through the IPP campaign.


As I approach the end of this article, I would like to express the hope that the foresight and wisdom of the members of the San Marino Parliament will lead them to make the best choice in the interest of the Republic and in favor of understanding the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

And, as has become customary in these Project Titan update articles, I am pleased to conclude this one in the same manner:

The enchanting, neutral setting of the city of San Marino and its Mount Titan, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, could truly become the new "Geneva of UFOs."

View of Torra Guaita
View of San Marino's Guaita Tower, one of the symbols of the Titan Republic (Photo by Matteo Panara onUnsplash)