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Il logo del Progetto Titano

The Guaita tower in San Marino city, the NYC UN building and a UFO appear together with the flag of San Marino and the logos of ICER and CUN in Project Titan’s logo. (from author’s documents)

On June 19, 2023 the first operative meeting on the implementation of the Project Titan action plan was held in San Marino.

At the meeting participated Mr. Andrea Belluzzi, Secretary of State of San Marino for Instruction and Culture, University, Scientific Research and Youth Policies, Mr. Roberto Pinotti, President of ICER and CUN and this writer, National Representative for Italy of ICER, member of the CUN and creator of Project Titan.

San Marino government home page
The heading of the San Marino government home page (from

The meeting was called on rather short notice at a time of troubled waters for the San Marino government, as I had described in the previous article in this blog.

TRoberto Pinotti e l'autore
Roberto Pinotti and this writer in the Ministry HQ, waiting to be received (author’s photo)

The meeting took place in the Minister's office at the headquarters of the Ministry.

Secretary of State Belluzzi first received a briefing from Roberto Pinotti on the precedent efforts to bring the UAP/UFO phenomenon to the attention of the UN, on the reasons for the Project and on the crucial fact that the public perception of the UAP/UFO phenomenon has definitely changed for the better in the last few years and the stigma that has always affected it is now vanishing.

This writer then proceeded to brief Secretary of State Belluzzi on the overall architecture of the Project, its general and specific features, and the fulfillments that need to be enacted.

Project Titan's cover
Project Titan's cover page (from author’s documents)

In particular, it was brought to Secretary Belluzzi's attention that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of San Marino should be interested in the first place, as it will be up to him to issue the provisions to submit the proposal for the creation of the new UN office to the UN Secretary General.

The formal fulfillments were then examined.

The first of these fulfillments is the Government's hearing before the Second Parliamentary Commission, as provided for in the law governing the institution of the Istanza d'Arengo.

IPP home page
The 'Consiglio Grade e Generale' (Parliament) of San Marino web page where in the bottom row is shown that the Istanza d'Arengo petition is in the state of "Pending consideration by the 2nd Permanent Council Committee" (from

This is necessary as the participation of San Marino in Project Titan was proponed to San Marino through an Istanza d'Arengo popular petition that was approved by the San Marino Parliament on January 19, 2023.
The law stipulates that when an Istanza d'Arengo popular petition is approved by Parliament, the Government must - within six months of approval - report to the relevant parliamentary committee on how it intends to act to implement what is requested in the Instance d'Arengo.

The second is the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Implementation of Project Titan, to be signed by the representatives of the parties involved, namely the Government of San Marino, ICER and CUN. The MoU is the formal document through which the parties express their intention to implement the plan of action of Project Titan as described in its text.

Project Titan's cover
Project Titan's Memorandum of Understanding cover page (from author’s documents)

In compliance with the Project's stipulation that ICER and CUN will support the San Marino authorities along the entire path of the practical implementation of the Project, it was agreed to organize a couple of short-term meetings dedicated to these tasks.


In the course of this pleasant and fruitful meeting, which lasted for over an hour and marked the start of the Project's implementation, the groundwork was laid for proceeding with the practical implementation of Project Titan.

TRoberto Pinotti e l'autore
Mr. Roberto Pinotti (left), Mr. Andrea Belluzzi (center) and this writer (right) at the end of the meeting (author’s photo)

ICER and CUN, the creators and promoters of the Project Titan initiative, are and remain firmly committed to supporting the San Marino government authorities in all aspects related to the practical implementation of the Project Titan action plan in order to ensure the greatest chance of success for the Project.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Secretary of State Mr. Andrea Belluzzi for his willingness to attend this meeting at a time that was anything but easy for the governing coalition in San Marino.

Ending this article, I am more pleased than ever to state that:

The enchanting, neutral setting of the city of San Marino and its Mount Titan, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are now on their way to become the new "Geneva of UFOs"

Veduta di Torra Guaita
A view of the Guaita Tower in San Marino City, one of the symbols of San Marino (Photo by Matteo Panara on Unsplash)