Happy First Birthday, ICER!

Today the international voice of the ufological civil society celebrates its first year of life


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Thank you from all of us!

               Today, ICER celebrates its first anniversary. ICER launched publicly on 25th May 2021, and throughout these twelve months we taken have positive steps as an international NGO.

In particular, we want to highlight the launch of our United Nations initiative, Project Titan, the successful delivery of our free first Evidential UFO/UAP History course to the general public, and the creation of our scientific research team.

ICER is currently involved in a number of significant programmes to be released in due course

ICER is focused on pursuing our ultimate goal of 'Preparing for Contact' by highlighting the need for a global approach to the UFO/UAP issue.

Roberto Pinotti, President of ICER

Roberto Pinotti, Presidente of ICER