San Marino will bring the UAP/UFO phenomenon to the UN


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Il logo del Progetto Titano

The Guaita tower in San Marino city, the NYC UN building and a UFO appear together with the flag of San Marino and the logos of ICER and CUN in Project Titan’s logo. (from author’s documents)


This article is dedicated to the memory of Sir Eric Gairy, Prime Minister of the Republic of Grenada, the first and until now only country who brought the UFO phenomenon to the attention of the United Nations.
His initiative was eventually derailed but its spirit lives through, and today is at the base of Project Titan.

Official Sir Eric Gairy portrait

Official portrait of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, Feb. 18, 1922 - Aug. 23, 1997 (from https://gov.gd)


On the evening of January 19, 2023 the Consiglio Grande e Generale, the Parliament of San Marino, has approved by a vast majority (25 votes in favor, 2 against, 2 abstensions and 2 absent) the Istanza d'Arengo (popular petition) which called the small country participation in Project Titan. According to this plan, San Marino will submit the United Nations a proposal for the creation of an UN Office tasked with the preparation of a periodic World UN Conference on the studies of the UAP phenomenon to be held in, and by care of, San Marino. A truly historical event that could pose the basis for important developments.
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How we arrived to this point

For the benefit of those readers who are not familiar with the genesis of the Project, here is a short resume. The others can skip to the next paragraph.

The idea of this Project came to this writer to fulfill an old wish of Roberto Pinotti, the Italian most prominent ufologist and president of the Centro Ufologico Nazionale of Italy (CUN), of which I was a member. His wish was reviving the true spirit of the Grenada UN initiative, that is having the UFO phenomenon taken into consideration by the United Nations. He knew that San Marino was perfectly suited to host an international event of that kind, being a full UN member state and a neutral country. In the eighties he had tried various times to stimulate San Marino authorities in this sense, but the times were not ripe.
It was only in the Spring of 2019, when this writer became confident that the process of disclosure that had started in mid December 2017 with the historical New York Times article was not a fatuous fire that I understood the time had come to roll up my sleeves.
To make a long story short, after various periods of stop and go, hesitations and various inconvenients, I managed to create a first draft of a project. It was named Titan, after the name of the mountain on which San Marino City lies. But it was quickly clear that such a project would have been too much for an organization like the Centro Ufologico Nazionale alone. Fortunately, in that period ICER, the International Coalition for Extratrrestrial Research was being created, and the two organizations soon joined forces to bring forward Project Titan.
At mid-September 2021 the Project was informally presented to the Minister of Public Instruction and University of San Marino after the conclusion of the 30th Int'l CUN UFO Symposium. Later, in mid-December 2022 it was also presented to the two Heads of State of San Marino, the Capitani Reggenti. But in spite of the interest manifested, no reaction were received from San Marino authorities.
After six months of silence from Mount Titan, this writer once more had to pull up his sleeves, this time to find a more suitable way to propose participation in Project Titan to the authorities of San Marino. So, after some search in the Sammarinese legal system, I found an ancient institute called the Istanza d'Arengo, which appeared fit for the purpose. The Istanza is basically a popular petition. As such, it has to be signed and submitted by sammarinese citizens only. Having noted that a number of San Marino citizens had manifested a concrete interest for the Project and were willing to sign an Istanza d'Arengo to ask that San Marino took part in Project Titan, I decided to go that way. As I had written reporting on the preparation of the text of the Project, it was again a matter of putting on paper an organic, well-documented petition structured in a way that maximized the chances of success. This resulted in a rather meaty document that, with all the annexes, consisted of about fifty pages in total. Once the Petition was ready, we activated the signature collection campaign, which enabled us to collect signatures from a dozen San Marino citizens:

The first three signatures collected for the Istanza d'Arengo

San Marino, September 22, 2022 - The first three signatures collected for the Istanza d'Arengo and the title page thereof. The first signer is Mr. Maurizio Pinotti, Roberto's brother. In the photo, from left, Mr. Augusto Casali, the undersigned and Roberto Pinotti - photo by the author

The Istanza was then sumbitted on Oct. 2nd, as mandated by the law that regulates the institution.

Maurizio Pinotti and Augusto Casali in front of the Palazzo Pubblico

Oct. 2, 2022 - A selfie of Maurizio Pinotti (left) and Augusto Casali - the first two signatories of the Istanza d'Arengo - in front of the Government Palace in San Marino shortly before making their entrance for the submission of the Istanza d'Arengo - image kindly provided by Roberto Pinotti

On Oct. 19th the Istanza was cleared by the Capitani Reggenti to undergo discussion and vote by the Sammarinese Parliament.

Notification of the Regential decision

The note with which the Office of the Institutional Secretariat of San Marino informed the first signatory of the petition, Mr. Maurizio Pinotti (Roberto's brother), that the Captains Regent declared the conformity of the Petition and therefore its admissibility for debate and vote by the Consiglio Grande e Generale (Parliament) - document kindly provided by the interested party

Finally, on March 19th in the course of the January session of parliamentary work, the Istanza d'Arengo was approved with a vast majority.

Session of the Consiglio Grande e Generale

San Marino City Jan. 19, 2023 - Last day of the January session of parliamentary work (from https://sanmarinortv.sm)

Click here to read the minutes of the Jan. 19, 2023 parliamentary session (from libertas.sm - Italian only) and here to view the page devoted to the Istanza on the Consiglio Grande e Generale (Parliament) website (Italian only).

The importance of the Project

Project Titan is an initiative of great importance, as it will bring the attention of the United Nations on the UAP/UFO phenomenon after 45 years from the initiative of Grenada, aiming at posing the base of a truly international study effort on the phenomenon.
It is of great importance as the UN is the place where the UAP/UFO phenomenon, a truly global phenomenon, belongs by nature.
It is of great importance because the repercussions of the ExtraTerrestrial/Non-human origin of the phenomenon, should it ever be confirmed, would be of such an enormous magnitude for the whole mankind as to require imperatively to be managed by its highest council.
Last but not least, It is also of great importance as it could facilitate the creation of a climate of international cooperation on the study of the UAP phenomenon which I wish could counter the actual, dangerously widespread attitude of confrontation between states.

The first truly non-US, international pro-UAP/UFO initiative

The Project has an Italian origin, as it was conceived by this writer, an Italian citizen, grew up internationally in ICER+CUN, poised to assume a global relevance.
This internationalization is something that was long overdue, as the UFO/UAP phenomenon is not the monopoly of any nation. And I think this step toward internationalization can open the door to unprecedented developments in many different fields.
Also, I think it is importanto to mention that Project Titan is the first truly non-US-originated pro-UAP initiative.

What will happen now

Now that the San Marino Parliament has approved the Istanza d'Arengo for Project Titan, it will issue a decree binding the Government to implement what has been requested in the Istanza. The San Marino Government will therefore have to participate in Project Titan and implement the actions that its plan provides for.
The first step will be that of submitting a proposal to the United Nations Secretary General office for the creation of a UN office tasked with preparing a World UN Conference on UAP studies to be periodically held in, and by care of, San Marino in its territory.
The proposal will then be assigned to a UN Committee for preliminary examination. In the case of Grenada in 1978, the proposal was examined and discussed by the Special Political Committee, but today this will very likely be different.
This is the most delicate phase of the procedure, as it is exactly here that the proposing country could be pressed to modify its original proposal, as it happened with Sir Gairy's Grenada in 1978.
Once the examining Committee has terminated the exam of the proposal, it can recommend it (or not) for vote at the General Assembly. The General Assembly will then submit the proposal that has been recommended by the examining Committee to a vote. If the final vote by the GA is positive, the UN will create the new office as provided for in the proposal (unless this has not been altered).
The timing for these operations is as follows:
  • Submission of proposal to the UN Secretary General Office: mid September 2023
  • Allocation to Committee for preliminary examination: around October 2023
  • Preliminary esxmination by Committee: October-November 2023
  • Vote at the UN General Assembly: December 2023 onwards

The UN General Assembly hall

New York City - The UN General Assembly hall (from https://awid-org)

A final word of caution

The decision taken by the San Marino Parliament is certainly momentous, but cannot be considered a success in itself. It will possible to declare the full success of the initiative only when the San Marino proposal will be recommended for the vote at the UN General Assembly by the examining Committee, and the UN GA will have voted in favor of it.
A positive outcome of the proposal is therefore by no means a foregone conclusion. It is up to the combined forces of ICER and CUN, the two proponents of the initiative, to support the San Marino authorities to the best of their ability so that their action at the UN is eventually successful.

Logo dell'ICER             Logo del CUN

The logos of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) and of the Centro Ufologico Nazionale of Italy,
the two driving forces behind the Project Titan initiative


I concluded one of my precedent articles on Project Titan with these words: "Aware of the commitment that participation in the Project could entail for San Marino, but also of the benefits that it could bring to the Republic, I trust that I have done my best to enable ICER and CUN to offer San Marino a promising opportunity, and to empower San Marino decision-makers to exercise as responsible and informed a choice as possible in the interest of their Republic."
Now that San Marino has done the right choice non only for itself, but in perspective for the whole humanity, I wish to congratulate first of all with the Sammarinese citizen who signed the petition, as well as with the Parliament and Government of San Marino, for the foresight they have shown in making a decision that can be qualified as of historic importance.

Concluding this article, now that San Marino Parliament has taken that epoch-making decision in favor of a truly international environment for the study of the phenomenon, I am more pleased than ever to recall the words used to conclude the previous ones, albeit in a slightly modified version:

The enchanting and neutral scenery of the city of San Marino and its Mount Titano, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are actually on their way to becoming the setting for the new "Geneva of UFOs"

Veduta di Torra Guaita

A view of the Guaita Tower in San Marino City, one of the symbols of San Marino (Image by Matteo Panara on Unsplash)