NDAA23 - An excerpt of UAP-related provisions


Paolo Guizzardifoto di Paolo

       The U.S. Congress passed the annual Defense Activities Authorization Act for the coming fiscal year, known as 'the NDAA23'. The law is a fundamental planning tool that sets policy lines and spending priorities throughout the defense sector.

What is of interest in our context is that this year's law again contains provisions regarding the UAP phenomenon.

Since I am unable at this time for personal reasons to offer an elaborate commentary, I limit myself for the time being to offering an excerpt of the sections containing the provisions of interest in the hope that it may be useful to those who wish to document on the subject.

Sections containing provisions on UAPs are 1673, 6802 and 6803.

Ther NDAA23 Act front page

The title page of the NDAA23 law - Click on the image to open the document containing the sections of interest